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Old-World European Quality for the next Generation

Specialty Cakes

Perfect for any occasion, as a substitute for a traditional birthday cake, as a special dessert for your next dinner party...


Cakes, Tarts, Pies and Other Heavenly Desserts


New York style, available in different varieties

German Chocolate Cake

Black Forest Cake

chocolate cake with cherry liqueur, cherry

filling, whipped cream and cherries

Blueberry Almond Torte

almond frangiapane with pears

Pear Almond Torte

almond frangiapane with pears

Chocolate Almond Torte

chocolate frangiapane topped with melted


Death by Chocolate

Carrot Cake

Pecan Tart

like pecan pie, but thinner and baked in a

tart form

Fresh Fruit Tart

Boston Cream Pie

yellow cake with boiled cream, filled

with chocolate icing

Chocolate Boston Cream Pie

chocolate cake with chocolate cream, filled

with whipped cream

Chocolate & Banana Cream Pie

chocolate frangiapane topped with melted


Key Lime Pie

Chocolate Mousse

Italian Specialties


coffee soaked sponge cake with mascarpone

cheese filling, brandy and lady fingers

Venetian Torte

puff pastry filled with pudding, fruit, and

whipped cream, topped with fresh fruit

Italian Rum Cake

yellow cake soaked with rum, cream,assorted fruits, and finished with lady fingers and whipped cream

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110 Maple Avenue  -   Barrington , RI

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